Hair Loss

Hair loss affects up to 50% of men and women in their life time and it has a great impact on quality of life.

The causes of hair loss in women are multiple:

  • Stress
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Aging
  • Inappropriate or aggressive hair treatment
  • Following childbirth

In parallel, the offer for new and efficient solutions to fight against hair loss is very poor compared to other beauty market segments.


Keranat™'a plant-based patented solutionto fight against hair loss

Stronger hair anchorage

Keranat™ strengthens the collagen naturally present around the hair bulb for a better hair anchorage.

Hair growth booster

This smart patented encapsulation system of miliacin by polar lipids boosts by 140% the cell proliferation in hair bulb, to help hair growth.

A beautiful hair

Clinically proven, KeranatTM beautifies the hair by improving hair volume, density, brightness and silkiness.


Stronger Hair Anchorage

Collagen thickness - Ex-vivo test

The collagen sheath around the hair bulb is significantly thicker with Keranat™ compared to the control scalp.

The hair anchorage is stronger, contributing to fight against hair loss.


Hair Growth Booster

Cell proliferation - Ex vivo test

Cell proliferation is significantly increased in hair bulb, promoting an healthy hair growth.

Keranat™ boosts cells proliferation in hair bulb by 140%

Hair Loss Reduction

Clinical study oral ingestion

Hair loss was evaluated after 6 and 12 weeks.

After 12 weeks Keranat™ significantly decreases hair loss by 50% compared to the beginning.

At W12, the hair loss reduction is significantly more important in Keranat group compared to the placebo one.

of individuals noticed reduction of hair loss


Hair Brightness and Hair Beauty

Dermatologist evaluation through clinical scoring

After 6 weeks, Keranat positive effect on hair beauty and hair brightness is already significant compared to the placebo (p< 0.01).

of individuals noticed an
increase of hair brightness, softness and silkiness.